Snow Daze

Well, the school year is just getting underway for me, and now we’re having two consecutive snow days due to the blizzard that hit Chicago. Don’t see me complaining.

I’m really pretty happy with my classes so far, but I can’t help but worry about how I’m going to keep it all together. The problem I have is that there are only two classes that I really care about, while I kinda let the other ones slide. Luckily, they’re very entry level classes in a community college–which means that anyone with a moderate level of intelligence can do pretty well for themselves in them. Not that I’m knocking the community college. I quite like it here, and I wish that this was what high school was like. I seem to fare a lot better with more freedom. Go figure.

I really should go to sleep and maintain my precarious circadian rhythm: I have to leave at 6:20am three days of the week to make it to school at 8:00, and possibly I’ll have to leave later because of the egregious amount of snow that has fallen. But I’ve gotten a sudden burst of energy, courtesy of Death in Vegas.

I have this perpetual problem of juggling all the things I want to do, and constantly accumulating more ideas for hobbies and activities. Such as, I really should be drawing all the time, or perhaps painting, but I haven’t got the time because I should always be studying biology all the time. I would like to continue bellydancing, as I’ve kept it up for a year, but now I’m poor. And why am I poor? Because I just paid for a trip to Egypt (which may or may not happen now). So I should also be studying Arabic all the time. Or I should be cleaning and organizing all the time. Oh, and I’m a student, so I should be generally studying all the time. I kinda want to start taking care of my nails and stop biting them, but I’d need to be painting and filing them all the time. I should cook healthy stuff for myself. I should pack a lunch everyday. I’ve also got deadlines for essays, applications, financial aid, taxes, assignments, research, mandatory school activities, and so on. It’s troublesome. It’s hard to be well-rounded.

Particularly when you have time management troubles as I do. My one saving grace is that I work and read and write pretty quickly. At least I think I do, but it could simply be that I get so absorbed in what I’m doing that I lose track of time. Very possible. I’m an artist, it’s in my nature.

Unfortunately, it is also in my nature to be a perfectionist, as well as a total slob. These are indeed related! I never clean anything or get much done in a timely manner because it won’t be perfect enough for me. I have FlyLady to thank for that realization.

I am NOT going to promise to start blogging every day, or every week, because I know I won’t. I do enjoy the luxury of having a sounding board, and somewhere to dump my thoughts idly. Have a good night.


~ by madamespider on February 2, 2011.

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