Pointless, no?

Well now. Look who’s back.

 Back from where? Nowhere in particular. I’m just trying to maintain my subpar level of activity. I’ve been needing something intelligent to say. I’ve also been feeling that I had something intelligent to say, and that it’s been on the tip of my tongue but…I can’t quite reach right now. I’ll get back to you guys on that.

 Lessee…oh yeah, all my crazy gothy and deathrock music. Well, I’ve been getting more into classic punk lately, to be quite honest, and if I list anything I’ll probably sound like an idiot for not knowing them so well before. To add insult to injury, I’m currently listening to Matisyahu….yeah. Nuff said.

 Oh yeah! I saw Spiderman 3 yesterday. Screw the critics, I really liked it. It wasn’t the most intelligent film, naturally, but it was very entertaining. I enjoyed watching it, and there’s a lot to be said for that. And I swear, Spidey went emo for a while, with the greasy sideswept hair, black suit, and the angst. It’s my opinion that he went goth too for like, a short time (as in, the time when he climbed up onto a cathedral to cry or something). But I’m being stupid. Go see the movie, it’s a lot of fun. Sam Raimi is my lover. And Bruce Campbell as the waiter……ooooh boy. I was  writhing with delight in the theater. If you don’t know who Bruce Campbell is, you’d best be finding out, and fast.


~ by madamespider on May 6, 2007.

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