Thought I ought to update. I don’t have anything particularly interesting to say, I’m afraid, but then again…do I ever? I finished applying to the fanlistings, I sort of forgot for a while, honestly. And if you happen to be a fanlisting owner that I’ve applied to twice…my bad.

 Shit son, I had something to say earlier. Ah well. I need to figure out how to make layouts here. And I need to get hosted or something, blah. I have a few things I’d like to do here but can’t.

I drew something. Took a picture with my phone just so I would have evidence. Looking at the pictures made me realize that I totally changed the angle about halfway down her face. Fawk, I always do that. And I fail at drawing noses. You’d think that after practicing for years and year and years I would actually have figured it out by now. Though admittedly I did take a long vacation.

 Alright, now I’m boring even myself. I really shouldn’t update when I have nothing to say.


~ by madamespider on January 27, 2007.

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