What I did today was…probably mean. And/or stupid. But I feel it was necessary. I had my English semester exam today, and we were supposed to write a compare/contrast essay about Martin Luther King’s Letter From Birmingham Jail and Henry David Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience. Don’t get me wrong, I love both essays and I think they’re brilliant, but I refused to write the paper. Instead, I said that writing an essay comparing and contrasting them would not do them justice at all, and I wrote an essay stating what I thought was wrong with the way English is currently taught.

Personally, I think I should pass the exam because I wrote a good, persuasive essay with an actual message, and I think I made it clear that I got the point of the two essays–calling for people to stand up and rebel and say something when they think that something is wrong. Which is exactly what I did. I’ll probably regret it next semester…I don’t know. And why was it mean? Because I put my teacher in a bad situation. She could fail me for not following directions, but that’s contradicting what she taught us by making us read the essay, and also it would kill all my respect for her in this profession. But…can she pass me for that?

It was stupid of me. If I fail that exam I fail the whole semester for that class automatically. But hey, I suppose I could start a whole protest in the school if she fails me for it. That’s the point of an English exam, isn’t it? Make sure we know the material, understood it, and also can write good essays. We shall see….I’m really fucking around with fire here, but for some reason I feel like it’s worth it, just to see.

Too bad she’s not Mr. Becker. He would have understood. Actually, he did understand. I did something of the sort earlier in his class, and he passed me with a perfect score. I really respect Mr. Becker, I really do. He’s the Middle East Studies teacher at our school, and actually I think he’s had articles written about his class in some newspaper or another, I remember seeing it. And he’s up for a Golden Apple this year, nominated by an anonymous person. I wish I knew how to nominate people, I would have done it already. And yeah…I failed his class for the second time this semester. But I still learned, and I told him that that was all that mattered to me. And he agreed that it is the only thing that’s really important.


~ by madamespider on January 24, 2007.

4 Responses to “Whoops.”

  1. I placed out of my college’s English writing course by writing an essay. Actually, there was a reading and then two groups of questions to respond to (examinee’s choice), but both had an anti-immigrant, anti-working poor tinge, so instead of writing the essay I explained the probolem with the choices. Actually, they didn’t exempt me, but I thought they did. So when I went to graduate, boom, where’s your English? So I went to the office, and they said no. I said yes, dig out the essay and read it. They went to a back office, I could hear raised voices. Look, they must have seen, the essay itself was my appeal, already written. They let me slide.

    I pulled the same thing on both teacher certification exams. It worked!


  2. You can answer me here on your page – I’ll find it. So yes, it can work, and it has, but it is sneaky, and it really shouldn’t work. I hope you get lucky, but don’t rely on it.


  3. (Just putting this back together, here’s what you wrote to me):

    Phew, I’m glad it’s possible, then…it all depends on my English teacher. I’m starting to wonder if she might just give me a D and be done with it…ahhh, I’m idealistic to a fault sometimes.

    And this reminds me, I have two (count ‘em, two!) math finals tomorrow, hmmm. I’m not too worried, though.

  4. Ah, thanks, I wasn’t sure. I’m new to WordPress and all, and I felt kind of bad writing a response that wasn’t really relevant to your post. And I won’t rely on it, just it sometimes seems necessary and I can’t get my brain around it.

    And whether or not it should work is really up to personal morals and stuff…in this case, I think it should. But we’ll see.

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