The fact that I often have to say that I “need to go think” or “was busy thinking” makes me sound a little thick, doesn’t it? Like it requires a lot of straining and effort. Don’t get me wrong, I think almost constantly (though there are times when all mental function stops, and I just look like I’m concentrating really hard for some reason), but when I say I need to go think, that means that I’m doing the sort of thinking that must not be interrupted. This seems to be a hard concept for some people. When I make a point of saying it, it means I’m doing the sort that I need to lie down and tune out and I’m trying to reach some sort of conclusion or comfort. It’s an actual activity for me.

 There really was no point to this post. I just needed to vent a little about something. Now I’m going to go think.


~ by madamespider on January 24, 2007.

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