Miscellaneous ranting, and a question

Jesus. I hate writing papers for school. I can sit around and write essays just for the hell of it, but not for school. Particularly when I’m not allowed to state my opinion, such as in the Junior research paper. The sad part is, I’m writing this on cult films, something I love, and yet I’m still sitting here, drawing a blank on what to say.

 Let me just say this: I hate school with a passion. You’ll never find someone who loves education more than I do, don’t get me wrong, but as far as I’m concerned, school is not education. I believe one should learn because they want to and understand the value of knowledge, not have it shoved down their throats by the school board or government or whoever.

I know what you all are thinking, ‘yeah yeah yeah, you’re an idealist, sure. You just don’t want to do it.” And my response is, “damn straight.” I have no willpower these days, none at all. I only do things for myself and other people. The school is included in neither of these. And I will never inconvenience myself unless it’s something I consider very important.

But whatever. This is a bad way to start off a blog, especially this one.

You know what’s great about blogs? You can write something, and get reader feedback on it. Soooo…out with it, people, do you think the current deathrock scene has anything to do with the old one with Christian Death and Kommunty FK and all that?


~ by madamespider on January 16, 2007.

One Response to “Miscellaneous ranting, and a question”

  1. I was surfing ‘education’ tags and stumbled on to your first post here:-)
    Just thought you would like to know that you have already been quoted, http://elgg.net/dtruss/weblog/142909.html (at the bottom of the post). Here are my ideas from the post regarding your second paragraph.
    “Many of the Square/Round Peg Students (that don’t fit into our other-shaped schools) are the future thinkers/dreamers/innovators that are going to meaningfully change our world. We need to recognize their future value… We have an obligation to nurture them, and to develop their enthusiasm for learning. It isn’t just about not stifling creativity or not making schools so alien… it is about creating an environment where every child can thrive… Not making the misfits fit, but rather helping them create a space that fits them.”
    I hope that you can find teachers and classes that feed your passion for education in the future… good luck!
    ps. I’m an old foggie from the Zeppelin era, deathrock is a little out of my realm.

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